Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Simple script to Remove and Redeploy a Feature

This script deactivates and deletes an existing feature, then redeploys this feature - it is useful when modifying features during development:

REM Add the 12 Hive bin folder to the path for access to STSADM
@set PATH=C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN;%PATH%

REM Configure local values
set siteURL=[site URL here]
set featureName=[Name of the feature]
set WSP=[Name of the WSP file, including the WSP extension]

REM Go to the folder containing the WSP file
cd [Full path to the folder holding the WSP file]

REM Remove the solution
stsadm -o deactivatefeature -name %featureName% -url %siteURL% -force
stsadm -o retractsolution -name %WSP% -immediate
stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs
stsadm -o deletesolution -name %WSP% -override
stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs

REM Add the solution
stsadm -o addsolution -filename %WSP%
stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs
stsadm -o deploysolution -name %WSP% -immediate -allowgacdeployment
stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs
stsadm -o activatefeature -name %featureName% -url %siteURL% -force

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