Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Filtering a SharePoint View from the QueryString

Clever little tip from Aggarwal Saurabh - you can filter the contents of a SharePoint list view by appending a couple of querystring values to the address.

For example, if you have a list view including a field named "ProductID", you can filter a preset list view to only show items for a Products with ID "123" by adding the following querystring to the page URL:


Could be handy!


Andrew Backway said...

Just a note, this will also work even if the column isn't displayed in the current view.

rage2001 said...
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rage2001 said...

hey. this is a deadly article... I almsot have this project complete due to finding your article... But one thing I was to do, is it possible to add more fields and instead of doing an AND type query, do an OR. So it would be if field1=this or field2=this..


Above would be if both are equal, but what if one or the oither is equal? Any ideas? my email is

Geetha said...


Helpful article. Its working fine for the list views except the Calendar view. Do we have a work around for Calendar Views too. Kindly let me know.